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Conversions API (a.k.a server-side, server-to-server, S2S tracking) is a native Facebook tool which allows to send user’s behaviour and events from the website directly to Facebook server using API connection.

It circumvents the 3rd-party cookies blocks by sending data from your website server directly to Facebook server. All the server events are linked to Facebook Pixel and processed as usual events.

For more details please check the What is Conversions API page.

Currently Capibox works with the platforms below

  • Wix
  • ClickFunnels
  • DropFunnels
  • Systeme
  • Typeform
  • Funnelair
  • Gumroad

If you want to request a new platform to Capibox – please contact us at

Capibox uses a server-side tracking method (a.k.a. Facebook Conversions API) and captures Lead and Purchase conversions only.

However, Facebook recommends to use both Facebook Pixel and Conversions API (server-side tracking, example: Capibox) on the website at the same time. It is suggested to add all the browser events (pageview/addtocart/etc.) on your pages together with Capibox integration for conversions (Lead and Purchase).

Capibox has 2 connections. Website to Capibox and Capibox to Facebook. 

  • Website > Capibox connection: Make a test order from your funnel or wait until actual live order. Then check the Last Activity time in the Capibox settings of your funnel. If the time is actual when the last order is received, then Website to Capibox integration works perfectly.
  • Capibox > Facebook connection: Click on Test Event button in Capibox dashboard and then check in your FB Events Manager. If the event is processed, then Capibox to Facebook integration works perfectly.

For proper and accurate Conversion events tracking, all conversion events such as Lead and Purchase should be removed from the ‘thank you’ pages. (Note: sometimes first Upsell page is treated as ‘thank you’ page where conversion event is added).

Conversions events will be tracked by Capibox.

If you leave conversion events on your ‘thank you’ pages together with Capibox, Facebook will show them as duplicated and you would have too many conversions in your FB Ads Manager than actually you have.

There could be 3 possible scenarios. Please check all them to determine which one is yours.

  1. Facebook Pixel (browser-side) conversion events are added to the ‘thank you’ pages of your funnel. Please remove all the conversion events at all
  2. Facebook Pixel (browser-side) conversion events are added on Upsell pages. Please remove all the conversion events which are added on Upsell pages
  3. Third-party custom scripts are being used on your funnel. Please remove third party scripts which are used to sum values of Main and Upsell products in the order.

Please remove all the browser-side conversions events (below) from your website/funnel.

  • Lead
  • Purchase

Please keep browser-side events (not conversions) for additional users behaviour tracking. List of popular non-conversion browser-side events are below:

  • ViewContent
  • Addtocart
  • InitiateCheckout
  • Search

For more events, please check Facebook article here:

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