What is a Facebook Conversion API?

Conversion API (a.k.a server-side, server-to-server, S2S tracking) is a native Facebook tool which allows to send user’s behaviour and events from the website directly to Facebook server using API connection.

It circumvents the 3rd-party cookies blocks by sending data from your website server directly to Facebook server. All the server events are linked to Facebook Pixel and processed as usual events

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It’s common for most FB advertisers to be short up to 30% of actual orders on their stores due to tracking issues.

These blocks cause constant increase in FB advertising as well as inability to track the ads performance.

As an FB advertiser you must know exactly where every dollar is spent to advertise effectively. Here Facebook Conversion API steps up.

Utilizing the Conversion API helps to improve tracking accuracy while respecting users privacy compliance standards.

Facebook Conversion API vs. Facebook Pixel

Facebook Pixel (browser-side tracking)

It is a snippet of code that you install on your website in order to measure, optimise and build audience for your advertising campaigns. Due to recent changes on the global privacy arena, a lot of restrictions such as GDPR, ITP (including Apple’s Safari browser and iOS 14 update), AdBlockers, CCPA prevent Facebook Pixel from tracking user behaviour.

Facebook Pixel is not going anywhere just yet, the hard truth is that we know it’s not going to last forever since it already facing many privacy concerns and tracking accuracy.

After privacy laws com into force, Facebook Pixel would not not receive feedback about the users actions on your website. This causes problems:

Basically it causes a problem of wasting money on ads extremely inefficient.

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Facebook Conversion API
(server-side tracking)

Let’s take a look why Conversion API is a heavyweight support for Facebook Pixel

Conversion API allows Facebook to get info about users behaviour on your website. AdBlockers, Long page loading times, Poor internet connectivity, Apple Safari, iOS 14 and Chrome future restrictions are NOT a problem anymore.

In a nutshell, Conversion API improves the quality of your data and ad performance overall. Lastly, this is the only solution to run Facebook Ads efficiently.

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How does Conversion API work?

When you integrate Conversion API with your website using Capibox, it does most of the work for you.
However, it’s useful to know how a Facebook Conversion API works in details to understand the service better.

  1. User visits your website
  2. Your website sends the new Facebook Pixel, which records information about the user in 1st party cookies (Facebook does not receive this info)
  3. Your server (Client server) saves user’s information
  4. When user triggers an event, your server (Client server) sends all the information about the event and the user directly to the Facebook server using API.
  5. The user’s browser never communicates directly with Facebook server during the customer journey

While the technology behind a Conversion API is complicated, using it doesn’t have to be. Learn how to set up Facebook Conversion API for your website using Capibox.

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