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No coding or maintenance. Capibox does all the job for you.
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Get the full picture of your Facebook Paid Traffic

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Get the full picture
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Paid Traffic

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Facebook advertisers must know exactly where every dollar is spent to scale their ad campaigns. However, since iOS 14 restrictions on data collection and AdBlockers, they’re facing limitations in campaign measurement.

Now, you can bypass all restrictions with Capibox, a Facebook Conversions API that tracks data, capturing leads and purchasing events, while maintaining user’s privacy.

It’s the perfect solution to run profitable ads and receive data properly.

Track ALL your sales now!
*We will extend your trial in 7-days if you don’t
*We will extend your FREE trial if you don’t

Kick back and relax, Capi Integration is your 24/7 marketing employee!

Let us handle the hard work.

Bypass iOS 14 restrictions

Send user-triggered conversion events from your Website directly to the Facebook server.

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Unlimited websites & Ad accounts

One integration to connect as many funnels as you want.

Track purchase & lead conversions

Track lead conversions when users opt-in to a webinar or subscribe to your email list. Also, Capibox sends purchase conversion
to Facebook when users place an order.

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Run more profitable Ads today!

Trusted by the Customers whole over the world!

We are proud to be mentioned in G2’s Spring 2021 Report.
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capibox vs. other integrations

Capibox is the only dedicated solution to solve Facebook
conversions tracking issues
Connected websites
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Facebook account
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No, we care
about privacy


$49 / month




50,000 / month

1,500 / month


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From $39 / month

Custom coding







From $1500*

*according to average
rates on Upwork

Bypass iOS 14 restrictions and attribute up to 40% more in conversions!

Boost your conversions now!

Only $49/month to grow your sales with Facebook Ads

We’ve developed the perfect solution to improve your ads performance and conversions.

Why settle for little if you can earn much more?

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Get accurate tracking data
*We will extend your trial in 7-days if you don’t
*We will extend your trial if you don’t
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Need more value? USE URL Shortener with no extra cost

A URL shortener is a simple tool that transforms any long URL into a shorter, more readable link.

However, using popular url shorteners such as, and others  Facebook Click Identifier Parameter (Fbclid) in your shortened URL is deleted and in turn looses the data that Fbclid carries. Preventing FB pixel and in turn brands and advertisers to measure, optimize and build audiences with MAX accuracy and data points for Facebook advertising campaigns.

Recognizing the importance of Fbclid parameter we created Capibox URL shortener that does not delete fbclid parameter and we are happy to roll this out to you.

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Learn more about URL Shortener
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The best ally of 15 000+ advertisers

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hear from our customers

I use Facebook Ads for my e-commerce but paid traffic has been underperforming. Since Capibox, my display ads have gained the right data attribution and I finally started to receive accurate conversions from users.

Karen Shawn
Karen Shawn

Entrepreneur and Marketing Specialist

Since I heard about ITP changes coming to iOS and 3rd party cookie depreciation in browsers I started to look for solution to track conversion data. Thanks to Capibox even I can track data accurately instead of hiring a developer.

Love no restrictions plan policy!

Nicola Stone
Nicola Stone

Ads Manager

Highly recommend to implement Capibox if you’re running paid traffic from Facebook to your CF or DF funnels. We integrated and for the past month all the reporting data comes through and is visible in Facebook Ads Manager without any maintenance!

Isac Burns
Isac Burns

E-commerce Consultant

Finally, dedicated and easy solution to track ads performance which does not break a bank compared to other solutions out there.

Thanks Capibox!

James Esposito
James Esposito

Social Media Manager

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Capibox Review 2021
by Bryce Vance


Currently Capibox works with the platforms below

  • Wix
  • ClickFunnels
  • DropFunnels
  • Systeme
  • Typeform
  • Funnelair
  • Gumroad

If you want to request a new platform to Capibox – please contact us at

There cannot be a short answer. But we will try.

Conversions API (a.k.a server-side, server-to-server, S2S tracking) is a native Facebook tool which allows to send user’s behaviour and events from the website directly to Facebook server using API connection.

It circumvents the 3rd-party cookies blocks by sending data from your website server directly to Facebook server. All the server events are linked to Facebook Pixel and processed as usual events.

For more details please check the What is Conversions API page.

Capibox uses a server-side tracking method (a.k.a. Facebook Conversions API) and captures Lead and Purchase conversions only.

However, Facebook recommends to use both Facebook Pixel and Conversions API (server-side tracking, example: Capibox) on the website at the same time. It is suggested to add all the browser events (pageview/addtocart/etc.) on your pages together with Capibox integration for conversions (Lead and Purchase).

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