Implement Facebook Conversion API now for Q4 shopping frenzy


You probably already read most recent announcement by Facebook “Navigating Change and Improving Performance and Measurement".

Though the content of the announcement does not include anything new that marketing professional already did not already knew, it recaps important steps marketers have to take in order to combat increasing underreporting issues. Especially with Q4 shopping frenzy around the corner.

What do I need to do?

Recommended actions by Facebook include:
1. Set up the Conversions API.
2. Allow time before you analyze performance
3. Analyze the campaign, not the creative
4. Configure web events using Aggregated Event Measurement: 
5. Follow learning phase best practices to help the delivery system learn the best way to deliver your ads

You can read all recommendations here.

We’d like to draw attention to probably most important point which is - Setting up the Conversions API. The Conversions API creates a simple, reliable and privacy-safe connection between your marketing data, such as website events and offline conversions, and Facebook. This is the one of the most critical points for you as marketer to do as adding the Conversions API to your existing setup will help you optimize your ad campaigns, decrease cost per action and more accurately measure campaign outcomes.

Adding Conversion API might prove to be a difficult task especially if you have no previous experience using code and your website platform is not listed in the FB partner integrations for CAPI.

Specifically for this reasons we are developing Capibox, which provide easy integration solutions for WiX, ClickFunnels, Systeme, DropFunnels, Gumroad, Funnelair or Typeform. You can test it free for 7 days.

In addition, we added a new tool for our Paid subscribers. They are getting additional - Capibox URL Shortener. We noticed that Facebook Click Identifier Parameter (Fbclid) in your shortened URL is deleted when using most popular URL shorteners out there such as,, etc. and in turn looses the data that Fbclid carries.

Fblicd parameter feeds it’s data to Facebook Pixel which stitches the all data points together and sends back the data stored by the first-party cookie back to Facebook. All this allows brands and advertisers to measure, optimize and build audiences with MAX accuracy and data points for Facebook advertising campaigns. Thus we decided to build our own. More about Capibox URL shortener here.

Q4 Shopping Frenzy

At Capibox we are rushing to integrate more platforms to help more advertisers track their Facebook conversions with MAX accuracy. With Q4 shopping season around the corner marketers needs as much insight and data points they can get make correct marketing decisions. We encourage you to be among smart Facebook advertisers now and use Facebook Conversions API via Capibox to tracks data, capturing leads and purchasing events, while maintaining user’s privacy. Prepare for Q4 now.

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